On my Github account you can find some software I wrote and published with an open source license.

GalleryBuilder for ContentBox CMS

Gallery Builder is a plugin to build an image gallery for the ColdFusion based Content Management System ContentBox. The contentbox-gallerybuilder also includes the "Lightbox"-Plugin for a nice view of the galleries. The Gallery Builder consists of two parts: to create a gallery you need to install the module, to show the content in your website you need the widget.

If you like to see it in action, have a look at my Photography pages, they run on Gallery Builder. It is published under Apache License.

Unfortunately the new version ContentBox 3.0 (Beta released in February 2016) has a lot of API changes, which causes crashes in GalleryBuilder. Though I will only support ContentBox version 2.1.


The Python module HTMLParser, which is part of every actual python installation, is practically not very usable. It requires absolute correct HTML and how many websites are completly OK? Sure not all. If HTMLParser parses a website with incorrect HTML, it simply crashes (gives an exception) and though the rest of the page is not parsed.

An example:

...title=Georgia O'Keefe ... better HTML would be

...title="Georgia O'Keefe" ... or best

...title="Georgia O'Keefe" ...

HTMLParser crashes on the '. That's why I programmed EasyHTMLParser. It behaves exactly the same way HTMLParser does, but tolerates wrong HTML. In the first example it gives you the attribute "title" with the value "Georgia". You can get incorrect or incomplete data on HTML errors, but you can parse the complete page.

It is published under Apache License.